Flu Season

For more information about Flu, please visit www.hucclecotesurgery.co.uk/conditions/flu

Information For Our Patients

Dear Patients,

Unfortunately, we are nearly at capacity for our flu appointments this year; we have some over 65 appointments still free on 7th November.

We order our flu stock in September for the next year (so this year’s vaccines were ordered in September 2019). We base our flu stock ordering on previous year’s uptake as we can only return a small percentage of unused stock and the vaccine does cost us money.

Unfortunately COVID-19 has meant an increase in the demand for the flu vaccination this year (something we were not aware of in September 2019 when we ordered our stock or when we scheduled our flu campaign). This is no-one’s fault and we are hoping to be able to order more stock later in the year once NHS England advises us where we can order from.

Understandably this has left some patients upset and frustrated and we will endeavour to do our best to source more vaccines. We appreciate your understanding and co-operation in this matter; please do not take out your frustrations on our team, as we do operate a zero tolerance policy.

We apologise for the short-fall and as soon as we can open up more flu appointments we will.

Thank you

Emma, Practice manager